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The Woodford Reserved vision and mission! As the name implies, Woodford Reserved is an uncommon community reserved for all things Woodford. Our mission is to promote our community and continue connecting Woodford Countians’ throughout the world. Click here if you are connected to Woodford County and have a product or service that would benefit our Woodford Reserved community.

9 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. John Eaves

    I want to thank Nancy Parker for giving me this information. This is a great website and I want to thank everyone that has a part in setting this up as I know it has taken a lot of man hours. With me moving around with Flowers Baking Company over the past 33 years and the places we have moved to in the past 50 years it is great to have a place to go to and see what is taking place with old classmates.
    I am looking forward to our reunion, I did not realize that we had lost so many classmates from 1965.
    Thanks again and I will be sending a donation.
    John Eaves
    Class 1965

    • Jerry Davis

      hi John, thank you very much for your donation. your kind remarks and donation are appreciated. You are correct, there has been a lot of man-hours put in developing our online community, but it is been a labor of love. We hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane

  2. Dora Downs Hillard

    Hey hi my name is Dora (Downs)Hillard. In the 1981 yr book my freshman picture is back in the W’s under Wilson T it’s not a good pic but it’s not where I should be. Just thought u should know. Not sure what u can do about it. Thank you.

    • Jerry Davis

      Unfortunately there’s nothing that we can do about the format of the year book.

  3. Tom White

    Has a class of 67 reunion being planned for this summer?

    • Jerry Davis

      Unfortunately we haven’t heard.

  4. Janet Alexander

    Angela Gillespie Webb passed away on August 26 2017. I am not sure what class she was in. Her obituary was at Clarks Legacy Center.

  5. Janet Alexander

    The class of 1996 lost Angela Gillespie Webb on April 26 2017. The obituary was at Clarks

    • Jerry Davis

      Thank you

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