Classmates Remembered 1980 – 1989

Gone But Never Forgotten

11 thoughts on “1980 – 1989

  1. Jeanette Downey Fritz

    Thank you for a wonderful tribute to those WCHS graduates who are gone but not forgotten. They include my husband and my son. Definitely a trigger for memories to roll out of my eyes and down my cheeks.

    • Jerry Davis

      thank you Jeanette, we’re so sorry for your loss.

  2. Patricia McCoy

    a beautiful tribute. So many too soon.

    • Jerry Davis

      hi Pat, thank you. Jerry

  3. Robert Frazier

    Lynn Faust should be added to the class of 89′. He past away one or two years ago?


    Thank You!

  4. Carol Portwood, Secretary- WCHS 25 Yrs.

    I have been looking for this for a while & am so proud of each & every one of you for taking the countless amount of hours to put this together. I was so shocked at how many of my office aids, students & of course Richey & my nephew Michael are already gone. Thanks for keeping memories alive!

    • Jerry Davis

      Carol, the classmates and faculty remembered tributes are bittersweet. We are so pleased to keep the memories alive but so sad to see so many gone so soon. Jerry ’74

  5. Carol Portwood

    Jerry, I remember you were one of my first office aids over my many 25 secretary, had trouble keeping you in the office! Also, Harlin Veal, Ag Teacher (63? maybe & Betty Luckett, maybe last couple yrs., Guidance Counselor. Barry Brandenburg, Class of 65 or 66, may be honorary,passed this yr. Too many, too soon.
    Wish I had heard of this sooner. Carol.

    • Jerry Davis

      Carol, I certainly remember the time that I was an office aid and remember you. We have lost so many. I will look for the additional teachers and students that you mentioned. Thank you Jerry

    • Jerry Davis

      We did Todd. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

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